``The music of Edy Lan is an amazing salute to Elmer Bernstein and Bernard Herman. It’s as sharp as knives through bone and just as memorable.``


``There are a lot of us musicians and composers, but just a few are launched to the professional rename and respect for the quality of his work in both, films and musical productions. Edy Lan is good example of such achievement. The young Mexican composer has come to be known in the composition and musical arrangements field, particularly in soundtracks, and there is a good reason. When he composes he is committed with the process with a strict quality control and criterion.``

Músico Pro Magazine

``Another element of the film that more than one person at the festival commented on was the simply amazing score. Oh my gosh is the score produced by Edy Lan great. Reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood his score takes Isaac's film to the next level. ``


``It is impossible not to talk about this Director's main Composer, Edy Lan, who was also in charge of the score of The Incident now stands out once again for accomplishing a score worthy of the great composers of film history and shows that this is a unique author``

Cinafagia Magazine

``With original music by Edy Lan, which is comparable to the unnerving sounds of Psycho and Cape Fear, it will no doubt reignite nostalgia and alonging to revisit some classic science fiction movies, without forgetting the iconic television series The Twilight Zone. ``

Scream Horror Mag

The first major way the movie pays tribute to the show is in its fully orchestrated original score. It's incredibly similar to Giacchino's Lost score in a ver, very good way...

``And there’s also a lot of really great stuff in this film... and the prominent mix of Edy Lan’s Schumann inspired score is just gobsmacking. That score really helps drive the movie along.``


``The first thing we are introduced to in the film is the score composed by Edy Lan which makes you feel like you are about to witness an European work... We are witnessing a new cult of Mexican cinema, the score is partly to blame as it brings the perfect touch of cinematic dream.``


``The incredible Giaccino-inspired music elevates the cool mysterious plot to epic levels``

Fantastic Film Fest

``Edy lan's grandiose score also keeps things firmly anchored in the swinging 60's, seriously intensifying the plot and inflating the small-scale set beyond proportion``


``One of the elements which, thanks to the score we'll as if we were watching a Hitchcock film.``


``Employing a Bombastic Score with a conductor's flair...``

Rio Theater

``In stylistic terms, however, “The Similars”... the very Bernard Herrmann-esque textures of Edy Lan’s score, and other clever packaging contributions add up to a kind of lavish Hitchcockian...``


``The director conducts his production with Hitchcockian élan... film score reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann``

Factory Worker Media

``With a fascinating script , plus a perfect ambience and musicalization ... and a cast that excellently complements to generate that feeling of intrigue and even despair that manages to cross the screen , it is without doubt one fantastic movie , in the broadest sense of the word``

Proyector Fantasma

``The Incident is the most intense film I have seen at BIFF. Fans of LOST will notice several connections to the series, including the title, borrowed from one of the show’s best episodes, and Edy Lan’s extremely dramatic score.``

Busan International Film Festival



2nd Prize In One Of The Most Important COMPOSITION COMPETITIONS In The World

Mexican Musician Nomineted For An Award In HOLLYWOOD

News Paper Announcing The Celebration Of Toluca´S Bicentennial Which Was Celebrated With The Premiere Of Edy´S Composition TOLUCA 200 Years
“Tribute And Knowledge” Touring Europe, 2012

World renowned Mexican pianist Alejandro Vela is Touring Europe playing music from various composers including “Tribute and Knowledge,” cities include Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin.

Recognition Granted By The City Hall For Composing The Piece Toluca 200 Yeas

Silver Media Dvorak

Mexico Receives Silver Medal In Composition

Edy´S Orchestral Piece CONTEXTOS Got Selected To Be Premiered By The Carlos Chaves Symphonic Orchestra For The NEW MUSIC INTERNATIONAL FORUM MANUEL ENRIQUEZ

“Contextos” Toured DF And Guadalajara And Was Featured In The Program “Beyond Boarders” by the Jalisco Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Eduardo Sanchez-Zuber and Leonardo Gasparini.