Feature Documentary “Voices of our  Heritage” / Composer

Short “Killing the Shrew” / Composer

Feature Film“The Similars” / Composer / Producer (Winner of  more than 15 International awards so far, including SITGES)

Feature Film “The Incident” / Composer (Winner of more than 18 International awards)

Feature Film “The Bohemians” (Post-production)/ composer

Feature Film “México Bárbaro”  / ComposerFeature Film “Canon” / Composer

Feature Film “Behind the Power” / Composer

Feature film “The Misfits” / Composer / musician/ singer (People’s Chioce winner at the Morelia International Film Festival)


«Historia de un Amor» (Volver) /Plácido Domingo – Pablo Sainz Villegas – Arranger

«Para amarnos más» (Album Mijares Sinfónico) – Arranger
«Si me tenías» (Album Mijares Sinfónico) – Arranger
«Cuando me vaya» (Album Mijares Sinfónico) – Additional Arrangements
«María Bonita» (Album Mijares Sinfónico) – Additional Arrangements
«Te extraño (Album Mijares Sinfónico) – Additional Arrangements

“El Reencuentro” José Luis Perales / Arranger

“Calma” José Luis Perales / Arranger

The magic of life – Alberto de la Rocha / Orchestrator.

“Hola Mundo” (Album “Hola Mundo”) – Tan Bionica / composer /Arranger (Platinum)

“Las cosas que pasan” (Album “Hola Mundo”) – Tan Bionica / Arranger

“Temblando” (Album “Dos Orillas”) – Antonio Orozco / Arranger (Double Platinum)

“Siempre Fue mucho mas facil” (Album “Dos Orillas”) – Antonio Orozco / Arranger (Double Platinum)

“Llegará” (Album “Dos Orillas”) – Antonio Orozco / Arranger (Double Platinum)

“Won’t Let Go” (Album Piece of Mind) – Rob Meister / Arranger


Nivea, Nike, Kellog’s, Pfizer, Cinepolis, HOLCIM, Bosque Real, ABC mouse, Official anthem for UNION DE CURTIDORES soccer club, Sochi Olympics (TV coverage), among others.


Short “La Llamada”/ musical supervisor

TV pilot “Crónicas de lo Profundo” / Composer

“The Quarter Life Crisis” (web mini-series) / Composer

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``Another element of the film that more than one person at the festival commented on was the simply amazing score. Oh my gosh is the score produced by Edy Lan great. Reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood his score takes Isaac's film to the next level.``